An Uncomplicated Task Manager, packaged with a Powerful Email Assistant. To help you work on the things that matter.

Feature 01

AI powered Task Detection

Taskwillow's powerful AI assistant scans your inbox and detects emails that need your attention

Feature 02

No more Forgotten Emails

Taskwillow adds older emails that need your response to your todo list so they are not lost in your ever growing inbox.

Feature 03


Taskwillow sends a gentle reminder about emails & tasks that need your attention so you are on top of them.

Feature 04

To-do Lists. Simplified

Taskwillow's inbuilt To-Do list allows you add personal tasks too! You can organize tasks under categories and share tasks with others. Simple, Powerful and Efficient.

Feature 05

More work, Less Email

Get real work done through the day. With Taskwillow, you can save upto 3 hours each day spent on checking and responding to email and instead do things that matter to you.

Feature 06

Your Personal GPS

See the broad themes you are working on, and drill down to see the different tasks that make up that theme. Taskwillow gives you just what you need, and nothing that you don't.

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